De Young Properties, a leading energy-efficient homebuilder in the Central Valley, has taken one giant step beyond a Zero Net Electric Home with a Zero Net Energy Home. In collaboration with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), De Young Properties designed a ZNE Home which is designed to produce as much energy as it consumes each year, which also zeroes its energy-related carbon impact on the environment. The ZNE Home, located in De Young Country Court is now open to the public to tour.

The De Young Zero Net Energy Home supports California's Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan that requires all new residential homes in California to be ZNE by 2020. PG&E and De Young will track this concept home's energy usage and its impact on the energy grid for the next several years to better evaluate how future homes should be built to increase overall efficiencies and reduce the carbon impact of residential energy use. Ultimately, the information that De Young and PG&E collect will be used in the roadmap to achieve maximum residential energy savings in California.

De Young has a long history of commitment to the environment and enjoys building homes with state-of-the-art features that will benefit the homeowner and the environment long term. In 2010, De Young introduced their De Young Zero Net Electric Home, which is designed to reduce annual electricity usage to zero. These homes are currently available for purchase.

The De Young Zero Net Energy Home is now open to the public at the De Young Country Court Welcome Center located on the west side of Armstrong, just south of Gettysburg in Clovis. This home will be used as a Model Home for the next several months so that De Young and PG&E can monitor the energy usage.

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