BIRAenergy has been a leader in evaluating and developing strategies for - pioneering clean energy technologies and concepts and their implementation, for over 20 years. BIRAenergy provides integrated clean energy solutions - combining energy efficiency and renewable energy generation technologies and systems:


Pioneering Zero Energy Solutions: Developing zero net energy (zne) solutions since 2002

Bringing Emerging Technologies Research to Market

Smart Grid Integration and Demand Response: including peak load reduction, achieving flat load profiles, and developing strategies for smart grid integration


BIRAenergy Market Transformation & Impact over the years

- Community Scale Impact on 100 to 700 homes communities across the United States

- Policy Impact at state (California and New Mexico) and national level

- Developed viable business and financial models and strategies to help builders adopt ZNE

- Researched, evaluated, demonstrated and brought to market emerging technologies

- Integrated both energy efficiency and renewable energy generation