High-resolution building energy modeling.

BIRA uses a multi-disciplinary approach to building energy optimization to results with 95% accuracy compared to existing buildings. Our team specializes in sizing photovoltaic arrays for Community-scale projects, modeling emerging technologies that have never been evaluated before, optimizing energy efficiency features for maximum cost-effectiveness, and more.

Turn-key ZNE community development.

BIRAenergy has been involved in the design, develop, implementation, & monitoring of 300+ ZNE houses and apartments since 2012, from retrofitting existing buildings to new construction, from low-rise to high-rise. Our team brings nearly 20 years of practical experience with the ZNE home market. Whether you need assistance in every phase of development, construction, and project reporting, or simply need to consult an expert before committing to a large project, we are California’s team of choice for ZNE.

Implement pilot studies.

BIRAenergy’s combined knowledge areas of highly-accurate building energy software, real-world construction, and advanced building science techniques are ideal for evaluating Emerging Technology and developing pilot studies for new Product Testing, or difficult-to-meet goals, like Low-Income and Assisted-Living ZNE buildings.

Design and administer energy programs and energy policy in California.

Whether you need a Best Practice Guide written for a contractor or a building scientist, need to develop a City-, County-, Utility-, or State-wide energy programs, or even draft and implement State energy policy, the BIRAenergy team has the skills and the work-experience your need.

Advice on Incentives.

BIRAenergy can and does regularly advise clients on incentive that are available for their energy efficiency packages. If you don’t have the money for the project of your dreams, we can tell you were to go to get it.