Ian’s Reports

Ex-Ante Residential New Construction Cost Study Developing a Cost Estimation Method (CEM)
ITRON, December 2014

Replicable and Scalable Near-Zero Net Energy Retrofits for Low-Income Housing
ACEEE Summer Study, 2016

Establishing Feasibility of Residential Zero Net Energy Community Development - Learnings from California’s First ZNE Neighborhood
ACEEE Summer Study, 2016

Lessons Learned from a Zero Net Energy Production Builder Demonstration
ACEEE Summer Study, 2016

DOE Better Buildings Residential Network Peer Exchange Call Series: The Ultimate Retrofit: Zero Energy Ready Homes
April 13, 2017, Slide 25-60. The Very Efficient Retrofit Package at Beechwood, in Lancaster, California: A Replicable & Scalable Method to Design Energy Efficient Retrofit Packages for Low-Income Multifamily Buildings

Rob’s Reports

Zero Peak Homes – A Sustainable Step
ACEEE Summer Study, 2010

Battle of the Walls – Peak Reduction
Home Energy, Nov-Dec 2010

Flat Load Profile Homes: Improving ZNE’s?
ACEEE Summer Study, 2012

Neighborhood Approach to Residential Retrofit
Final Report to US DOE Building America program, 2012.

Occupied Home Evaluation
Task Report to S DOE Building America program, 2010 - 2012.

Residential ZNE Retrofit EE, DR, IES, HEMS + PV – a Tall Loading Order
Zero Net Energy Homes, Design, Development and Implementation, ASES Solar, 2014.

Low-Cost ZNE Retrofit
CSI RDD #2 & #5 Project Final Report, 2015

Zero Net Energy Retrofits for Existing Residential Buildings - Best Practices Guide
DavisFREE Final Report, Chapter 3 and Appendix B.,2015